Mullan through the eyes of a resident - Maura's Story

The following is a letter written by Maura McKenna, a former resident of Mullan Village, to her lifelong friend Eileen. It gives a great insight into village life, Ireland over the decades and the history of Mullan village.


  1. RIP dear Maura. Maura Hoban McKenna went to her eternal rest and was buried yesterday 07 January 2021. As you can tell from her letter, she had a talent for writing and an interest in documenting the everyday, perhaps knowing that in time, it becomes fascinating local history. I am a niece of Agnes McKenna, mentioned in the letter as the librarian. That was a voluntary role, and Agnes described herself as a factory worker in Boylans. I once asked what her job was and she said she checked the shoes for any flaws. I said she would now be known as Head of Quality Control. She was delighted with her new title.
    I am thinking of Maura today, her unique voice, husky and yet crystal clear, with always a hint of wry humour in her tone. Her eyes twinkled with humour as if the vagaries of everyday life should not be taken too seriously. She was a beacon to us growing up, showing that women were more than housewives and mothers, and that fun and a love of life could continue for a lifetime. She will be missed so much. Thank you Maura for coming to Mullan/Emyvale and now rest in peace with Eileen, Mick, my mother Josie, Agnes and all the other dear departed ones of Mullen, Emyvale.

  2. Heard so much about Maura Hob in from my mother Josie Mc Cusker that I feel I know her..may u R.I.P great lady an friend to all..".A mighty oak has fallen"

  3. Thanks Maggie, I enjoyed reading your comment about Maura Hoban McKenna, RIP. We have all read her letter many times with all the history it contains. My Dad, Charlie McElwain, worked with Mick and Eddie Keenan in the Mill and were good friends.


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